A Letter From Father Jim Concerning COVID-19

From Father Jim


My dear friends at St. Alphonsus,

Even though it’s only been a few days since I’ve last seen you at our weekend Liturgy, the atmosphere here seems strange, as if something or someone vital is missing…and it’s YOU.   I pray that you and your loved ones are well.  I never thought I’d see the day when the celebration of Holy Mass would have to be suspended, but we’re facing distressing times and these changes are necessary in trying to help keep everyone safe. Remember that our chapel is accessible 24/7 by using the door passcode.


As important as “social distancing” is now, it’s more important to remember that we are still a faith community who believe that Jesus walks with us and guides us and bids us to trust in Him.  We’re not alone.  We share our fears, our joy, our disappointment, and our hopes with each other.  We are in this journey of life together.  But more than ever, given the unknown variables, it’s essential that we try to reach out to those who need us most.


To that end, I invite you to stay close to our Lord, to His Church and to our parish community in ways that are perhaps not how you’ve been used to doing in the past.  Set aside a time to intentionally pray.  Make the sign of the Cross.  Pray the Our Father.  Pray The Hail Mary.  Ask The Holy Spirit to protect you and your loved ones…pray for our country, and for all those who are and will be affected by this virus, including the over-worked people who care for them (Nurses and Doctors, and the like).  Pray for the entire people of our world.  Pray for your church family here at St. Alphonsus!!  Please know that I am praying for you each day.  I miss seeing us all together. 


I want to invite you to electronically celebrate Sunday Mass with me by going into FACEBOOK, to our St. Alphonsus Crossville page, and then you will see our Mass video that Sara, Pauline, Frank & Rita Reali and McKinley Tabor are so wonderfully working on to make happen.  I will do this as long as I can until we can be back together again in Liguori Hall.   If you want to know the Sunday readings before hand, you can see them by going to usccb.org.  That’s our American Bishop’s website and they have tons of great Catholic resources.


Lastly, I want to thank our staff (the best in the whole world) for their tireless support and faithful hearts…also a BIG thank you to Grand Knight John Peaslee and our Knights for their volunteering to assist any of our parishioners in need.  What an amazing parish this is!!!

May God bless us all, now and in the days to come. 


In Christ, Fr. Jim Harvey